Okay, so my grandmother is in the hospital, and I thought I’d take her some cookies – I really, really wanted to take her snickerdoodles…. Now, I’ve tried frequently in the past to master the snickerdoodle, but to no avail – for some reason, the sugary, buttery, cinnamony treats have endlessly eluded me. What I’ve typically ended up with is either dry, floury cookies or doughy, gummy cookies.

I’ve been a little mentally zapped lately (hence the scant posts the last couple of months), and I was in no mood to do another trial and error with snickerdoodles, so what I did was, I improvised. I had a few packages of pre-made dough in the fridge, the sugar cookie kind. So, I got a bowl of cinnamon and sugar, then another separate bowl of turbinado sugar (“Sugar in the Raw” was the brand that I used).

I rolled the little pre-made sugar cookie dough squares in the cinnamon-sugar mix, making sure to coat every side, then pressed one flat side into the turbinado sugar; I then arranged the squares on the sheet with the turbinado side facing UP. From there, I followed the package instructions for baking.

This is what the dough looked like after rolling (see the turbinado crystals glistening?):

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I took the first batch from the oven! Take a look at that picture…they look like snickerdoodles to me, and they taste divine – crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. They even passed the “kid test,” so I know I did well. If snickerdoodles aren’t your strong point, either, or if your noodle’s too tired to experiment, then this is a wonderful way to “cheat.”


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  1. Deborah Reigle Says:

    These are a neat idea for those of us without the time and/or inclination to try for the first time. Nice to see your blog!

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