I’m sure one’s mind could imagine quite a few things being called, “turtle sauce.” However, this post isn’t about a sauce to compliment cooked turtle, nor is it a sauce with chocolate, caramel and pecans. This is, in fact, a recipe to make your own ice cream topping, which I believe is sold under the name, “Shell,” and produced by both Smucker’s and Hershey, each with their own varieties. This recipe, though, is for a plain, chocolate ice cream topping. “Turtle Sauce” is actually what my kids call it; I could be wrong, but I think the topping sold in stores USED to be called “turtle sauce,” but the name changed for some reason (again, I could be wrong).

This recipe is so simple that you only need two ingredients: Chocolate and coconut oil. You can use pretty much any chocolate that you enjoy eating. For the purposes of this blog post, I used some leftover Hershey kisses that I had stored in the refrigerator. However, I have used chocolate chips and other types of wrapped chocolate in the past, and they all work equally as well. On to the coconut oil….

As you may or may not already know, coconut oil sort of “goes with the flow” when it comes to temperature. If it’s summertime, the coconut oil on your kitchen counter will probably be in liquid form; conversely, when it’s wintertime, that same container of coconut oil will be solid and resemble vegetable shortening (Crisco). But make no mistake — the appearance is where the similarity between coconut oil and Crisco begins and ends. There are so many health benefits to everything coconut (yes, including the oil, if it’s virgin and cold-pressed), that I can save it for an informational post in the future. But rest assured, you’re not going to clog your arteries with it. In fact, I remember reading the label of a store-bought bottle, and coconut oil is listed in the ingredients.


If you look at the picture above, you’ll see that I filled a microwave-safe glass measuring cup with about 1.5 cups of Hershey kisses. I’m not sure what the chocolate chip equivalent would be, but my best guess would be around one cup. Since my kisses came out of the fridge, and they were cold, I microwaved them for about 30 seconds before adding my three tablespoons of coconut oil. Then, I microwaved the chocolate and oil for 30 seconds and stirred. I still had little chunks of chocolate in my sauce, so I put it back in the microwave for another 20 seconds. When I had a nice, smooth sauce that wasn’t too warm, I knew it was ready.

If you like, you can buy a bottle with a small spout for drizzling, but actually getting the sauce in that bottle (not to mention the cleanup) might be more trouble than it’s worth. I don’t recommend refrigerating your sauce — simply cover the container it’s in. And if you find that it’s a little gooey or too hard the next time you want to use it, just microwave for a few seconds and it should return to that nice, glossy smooth texture.

So, drizzle that sauce over your favorite ice cream, wait about two or three minutes and enjoy! If you have kids, you get the added bonus of watching their happy faces dig into that special treat thinking how totally cool and awesome you are for making your own! Everything should be this easy :-)

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    This looks like fun and so easy! Thanks for sharing!

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