This recipe is literally all over the Internet, and understandably so – it’s easy; it uses minimal ingredients and it’s oh, so tasty! The only drawback is that it’s somewhat time consuming, so you won’t want to make it every day. However, I think you’ll ultimately decide that it’s worth the extra time and effort to make it frequently.

Chicken tenders are very popular with kids and adults alike, so this should be a hit with everyone. Add a variety of dipping sauces (honey-mustard, Jack Daniel’s) for a versatile appetizer or add side-dishes and make it a meal.

What makes this chicken tender recipe different is that: 1) It’s homemade from raw chicken, as opposed to being spongy, frozen and pre-cooked and 2) The coating is made from crushed potato chips.

I’m not giving precise measurements for the ingredients here because you really don’t NEED precise measurements – I always “wing it.” I will say, though, the amount of each ingredient you use will depend on how much you want to make. Keep in mind that you can always mix more seasoned flour or crack more eggs if you run out.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Raw chicken tenderloin (defrosted, if frozen)
Crushed potato chips
Good frying oil (peanut is ideal)


1. Add seasonings to flour and mix; I use my homemade seasoning salt and add extra onion powder and garlic powder. Set aside.
2. In a separate bowl, beat two or three raw eggs. Set aside.
3. Crush a bag of potato chips (I partially open the bag to let the air escape and crush them in the bag). If you want a coating with a finer texture, crush them in the bag first and then run them through a food processor. Empty crushed chips into a third container.
4. Get an assembly line going with the seasoned flour, egg and crushed chips (in that order). Begin coating the chicken tenderloins: Coat first with flour, dip into egg, then coat with chips. Lay each piece on a plate until you’re ready to fry.
5. Heat the oil in a large skillet or deep fryer (I use a skillet filled just under halfway and have my gas burner turned to the middle setting).
6. Carefully place the pieces in hot oil and cook for about 5 minutes (they should be golden in color), using tongs to turn halfway through for even color.
7. Remove each piece with the tongs, and place on a paper towel lined plate.
8. Serve with honey-mustard, BBQ or Jack Daniel’s dipping sauce.

Note: The coarsely crushed chips will result in a fried coating similar to KFC’s “extra crispy” coating. The fine, food-processor crushed chips will result in a fried coating similar to Shake-N-Bake. I’ve tried both ways, and I can’t decide which way I like better! Also, I haven’t delved into using flavored chips, but I bet that sour cream and onion chips would make a tasty coating; you could really get creative with this recipe if you were feeling adventurous….

BTW – I’ve also tried this with shrimp, and it’s equally as good.


For a printer-friendly .pdf version of this recipe, CLICK HERE.

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