I used to be a die-hard fan of wooden chopping boards until the advent of the flexible chopping mat – I haven’t cut anything on a wooden board since.

For example, when I chop onion for a recipe, I have to mince it, otherwise, the kids turn their noses up at whatever dish it’s being used for (minced onion cooks quicker than chopped). It’s far easier to empty minced onion into a small bowl from a flexible mat than it is to empty from a stiff, thick board.

Chopping mats are also easier to store; I have ten large mats and four small mats, and they take up less space than ONE chopping board.

But I’m probably preaching to the choir because I’m sure you know all that. What you might not know, though, is that there’s still yet another use for flexible chopping mats, and thus the purpose of this post…arts and crafts. My daughter went through a Moon Sand stage where that’s all she wanted to play with, and I’m here to tell you: MOON SAND IS MESSY! It didn’t matter if she was playing with it on the table or on the floor; I was vacuuming Moon Sand ’till I couldn’t vacuum any more. So, I broke out my oldest, most worn mat and surrendered it to my little Moon Sand princess. Sure, the mat got Moon Sand all over it, but that was the idea – Moon Sand on a chopping mat is easier to clean than Moon Sand on the table and the floor.

Then, she got into a PlayDoh phase and after that, it was a painting phase and then came the glitter dust phase; the mats worked just as well for those crafts, too. And just like their use in the kitchen, they can be cleaned and reused. I just keep the mats with her craft bins, and I don’t have to worry about pieces of PlayDoh smashed into the carpeting, dried paint on my tablecloth (which is NEVER going to come out) or traces of glue and glitter all over the furniture. Another added benefit is that I can bend that mat into a funnel and save a lot of her glitter dust to use again. Can you think of an easier way to get spare glitter off of a table and back into its container? And who cares if permanent marker or crayon gets on the mat? I’ve only paid around $2 for it, so she can get as much marker or crayon on it as she wants to; after all, that’s the idea!

For a relatively small investment, you get numerous mats that can be used for numerous purposes – mats that last a VERY LONG TIME. I still have the very first mats I ever bought, and those are the ones that my daughter uses for her crafts. So, don’t throw those old mats away! Run them through the dishwasher and save them for craft projects; they’ll return the favor by saving the finish on your tables.

Until next time, eat…and craft…creatively!

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  1. Kate Says:

    I am not the Moon Sand princess!! Ok maybe I am.

  2. CEB Says:

    You’re MY Moon Sand Princess! I love you!

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