A while back, I started to experience the symptoms of stomach ulcers, due most likely to years of taking aspirin-based over-the-counter pain medication. There were many things I needed to restrict from my diet to make the intense, gnawing pain of these ulcers subside; coffee and caffeine were among these things. Now, I’m not an every day coffee drinker, but nothing makes us really want something until that something gets taken away.

I absolutely adore the scent of coffee; there’s nothing like it on the planet. But every time I gave-in to temptation and indulged in a cup, the acid started churning, and before I knew what hit me…it was like I swallowed hot shards of glass. I never wanted to be dependent on prescription reflux medication, so I started to investigate ways that I could still indulge without suffering painful consequences – enter the TODDY cold-brew system.

I researched this product extensively before I clicked the “purchase” button, and here’s what I found: Compared to traditionally brewing coffee (hot), the TODDY method of cold-brewing coffee reduces total acidity by SIXTY-SEVEN PERCENT and caffeine by THIRTY-THREE PERCENT! WOW! I was sold. I couldn’t wait for my TODDY to arrive so that I could enjoy drinking coffee again.

I have to admit, I was surprised at its simplicity; the brewing unit basically looks like a giant coffee filter with a small well at the bottom and an even smaller hole below that. A thick, reusable filter gets placed in the well, and a rubber plug stops-up the hole at the bottom. After making sure that the reusable filter and plug are securely in place, you add water, then coffee grinds, then more water, then more coffee grinds…wait five minutes…then add more water. You leave it set for 12 to 14 hours, depending upon how strong you like the flavor of your brew. After that time has elapsed, you remove the plug and place the unit over the glass decanter (supplied); your brewed coffee will drain directly into the decanter. The liquid you’re left with is essentially a coffee concentrate that stays fresh in the refrigerator for up to TWO WEEKS in the air-tight decanter (actually, I’ve kept it for longer than two weeks, and it’s still delicious).

I mix one part coffee concentrate to three parts water, and what I get is one, smooth cup of coffee that’s Oh, so gentle! on my tummy. However, I do still use my traditional coffee maker – kind of. If I want a whole pot (12 cups) of hot, TODDY-made coffee, I just pour nine cups of water into the water well and three cups of concentrate into the glass pot and turn it on – the hot water drips into the glass pot, making an entire pot of hot coffee.

“But how did the coffee taste?” you ask. Simply put, it’s mild and smooth – if regular brewed coffee is a great white shark with row upon row of big, sharp teeth, then TODDY-made coffee is a soft, fluffy baby harp seal. And don’t forget the added bonus of having coffee concentrate on-hand to use in all sorts of recipes (yes, that’s a teaser…stay tuned).

For now, let me close by writing that the TODDY cold-brew system is (and always will be) a permanent staple in my kitchen. If you’d like more information on this product, you can visit the TODDY website HERE. If you want to buy your own (it makes a great gift, too, by the way), you can get it HERE.

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  1. Bill Says:

    Great review! Thank you for all of your wonderful words! We, at Toddy, are happy to hear that we could help bring the enjoyment of coffee painlessly back into your daily life. It is an honor that you would recommend our cold brew system to your readers. Thanks again, we really appreciate it!

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