Hello, there, Reader! Welcome to Creative Eating Blog (.com). I’m Suzanne, and I’ll be the expedition leader on this creative eating adventure. Before I get down to the, “meat and potatoes” of this blog, I’d like to explain a little about myself and the purpose of this blog.

First of all, I AM NOT A GOURMET! In fact, I was a big fan of the TV show, “Death by Chocolate,” a few years ago. I was thrilled to learn that the host of that show owned a restaurant in Williamsburg, VA, called, “The Trellis.” My husband and I were planning a trip to that area for one of our anniversaries (Williamsburg then on to VA Beach), so we made reservations to eat at this famous restaurant. Being the connoisseur of “pop” restaurant dining that I am, I was expecting to see dishes on the menu that I actually recognized (grilled shrimp, onion blossoms, stuffed mushrooms, etc.). Instead, I saw dishes like pheasant, and duck; meats mixed with fruit (YUK!); capers (WTH is a caper, anyway?); and so forth. Being the meat and potatoes type of gal that I am, I did manage to find a dish that I recognized – steak with fancy mashed potatoes. And of course, I recognized, “Death by Chocolate” (we got TWO of those…to go). What I’m basically trying to say, is that most of the ingredients for the dishes I’ll be covering on this blog should, more than likely, already be in your refrigerator and your cupboards, if you’re a simple, yet capable cook, as I am.

I’ll also be adding a little “twist” here and there to keep things interesting. There are so many basic, yet delicious and Oh, so healthy foods and ingredients out there that really get little to no credit whatsoever. In some cases, these foods and ingredients are vilified for no good reason(!). I’d like to explore these foods with you, my readers, and learn about their different types, uses, nutritional values, little known facts, tips and tricks and maybe I can throw some history in there along the way, too.

I’ll also be covering some of the gadgets that make my kitchen complete, but those are a surprise….

Some of the recipes you’ll see here are mine, and mine alone. Some are a mixture of mine and other sources, and still others aren’t mine at all. If I can give credit for the recipes that aren’t mine alone, I will (if I can remember where I got them).

In regards to the recipes that are mine (or someone else’s with my own changes), I will often “wing-it” as far as measures. Don’t let this discourage you! Some things are just a matter of taste. I am a salt person – always have been, and probably always will be. Other people don’t like to use salt much at all. On the other hand, I am NOT a “hot pepper” person, nor are the members of my family. So in a case where, say, Tabasco sauce is needed for a recipe, I will add the LEAST amount I can add to obtain that particular flavor.

One last thing…. As I mentioned before, I am a simple, yet capable cook. Not to alienate those who desire more “advanced” dishes, I may have a “guest” contributor from time-to-time (but again, that’s a surprise) who may be able to offer you (and me) valuable tips on more advanced ingredients and dishes.

So, without any further ado, LET’S GET COOKING…creatively; then we can get down to creative eating, which is, after all, the purpose of this site!

6 Responses to “About this Blog…”

  1. Kate Says:

    Hi, mom.. I like your blog!

  2. CEB Says:

    Thanks, Sweetie…I love you!

  3. Debbie Says:

    The recipes better be simple for people like me

  4. CEB Says:

    Hey, Debbie! In answer to your comment, this blog is targeted toward capable, but not necessarily gourmet cooks; the recipes are easy, and the posts are informative and interesting. Don’t forget to spread the word!

  5. Debbie D. Says:

    Suzanne, congtaulations on establishing the new blog. It looks great. I look forward to your culinary creations and recipes.

  6. CEB Says:

    Thanks, Debbie…I hope it will be a great adventure for everyone who likes to eat (and cook)!

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