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4 Responses to “Re: Blog Comments”

  1. Ileen Says:

    Hi :) Is it ok if I go kinda off topic? I’m tryin to read your post on my new Mac but it doesn’t show properly (a few of the navigation areas are half hidden), any suggestions? Should I try to find an fix for my browser or something? Thanks for the help I hope! Ileen x :)

  2. CEB Says:

    Hi, Ileen:

    I Googled the problem, and I couldn’t find any solutions (most of the results were for people who want to run WordPress on their Mac computers). Out of curiosity, what browser are you using?

  3. Shell Says:

    I found it, yay. Awesome blog. I love it. Cant wait to try the crab dip. ;)

  4. CEB Says:

    Thanks, Shell…I hope you enjoy the crab dip when you make it!

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