Since the kids are out of school and Summer’s officially begun, I made eight different flavors of syrup and dusted off the shaved ice maker * inserting gratuitous product plug in the hopes that someone might buy their own through my link: Hawaiian Shaved Ice Machine * FYI, I make my own simple syrup and buy flavor concentrates from a local vendor (the ready-mixed stuff has too many preservatives for my taste – these buds can spot sodium benzoate a mile away). AND, if you’re from Bawlmer, Hon, no snowball is complete without marshmallow.

I used to buy Marshmallow Fluff from the grocery store, but I’d forgotten it the last time I was there. I didn’t feel like making a run ’cause I just KNEW that I’d go in for one thing and come home with a cart full of bags. So I Googled for a recipe, and as luck would have it, no grocery store trip was necessary since all of the ingredients were at hand: Egg whites, light corn syrup, sugar, water, vanilla extract and cream of tartar (and a candy thermometer is also advisable). I just love it when I can make something at home that I usually buy from the store!

Now, I’ve actually made two different recipes for marshmallow fluff/marshmallow cream lately; one recipe calls for more egg whites than the other, and one calls for cream of tartar while the other one doesn’t. I’ll be honest with you – I really don’t know what cream of tartar is, exactly…nor do I know where it comes from or what’s so special about it. In fact, I generally steer clear of recipes that call for it, and I’m pretty sure that the only reason I had some handy was because my mother gave it to me. However, even though I’m generally indifferent to the stuff, I’ve declared that the recipe with the cream of tartar is my favorite, but that little canister isn’t going to last very long at the rate I’ve been making it, so…. If you don’t have cream of tartar, I’m posting the recipe that doesn’t need it as well. Also, I double the recipes, and they each yielded approximately 12 cups of marshmallow cream.

CLICK HERE to see the Marshmallow Cream recipe WITH cream of tartar.

CLICK HERE to see the Marshmallow Cream recipe WITHOUT cream of tartar.

Just a few words of advice:

The recipe with the cream of tartar resulted in a thicker marshmallow cream. If you’re using it for a snowball or ice cream sundae topping, you’re going to need to thin it out a little bit (either with water, milk or half and half). If you want to use it for say, homemade oatmeal cream pies or as a cake frosting, it’s the perfect consistency for those. Also, I had some various flavors of candy-making extract in the cupboard, so instead of using vanilla the last time I made it, I used the marshmallow flavored extract, and it’s delicious. Have fun experimenting and getting creative with that ;-)

Also, please-please-please be careful with these recipes! The sugar and corn syrup have to be cooked to the, “soft-ball stage” which is 240 degrees – that’s HOT! There’s actually a pouring shield attachment for the KitchenAid mixer that fits around the rim of the bowl to allow for instances like this; when I first got it, I tried it with dry ingredients and hated it, so it sat (unwanted, neglected) for years until I made these recipes. I must say, in this case, it works beautifully and reduces the risk of injury exponentially.

Lastly, there’s something in particular for which this homemade marshmallow cream is perfect, but it’s a surprise…and also the topic of my next post.

As always, enjoy!


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