I used to be a die-hard fan of wooden chopping boards until the advent of the flexible chopping mat – I haven’t cut anything on a wooden board since. For example, when I chop onion for a recipe, I have to mince it, otherwise, the kids turn their noses up at whatever dish it’s being […]

A while back, I started to experience the symptoms of stomach ulcers, due most likely to years of taking aspirin-based over-the-counter pain medication. There were many things I needed to restrict from my diet to make the intense, gnawing pain of these ulcers subside; coffee and caffeine were among these things. Now, I’m not an […]

In today’s expedition we’ll take our first visit to the rich, sweet, indulgent destination of Dessert Land. This particular treat has only a few ingredients, yet it’s guaranteed to be a hit wherever it goes. It’s so good, in fact, that if you take it to a human gathering of some kind, you’re guaranteed to […]