Being a chocoholic, I often find myself craving chocolate mousse. I found some in the frozen foods section of the grocery store, that, believe it or not, was amazingly good. Only problem is, the serving size was ridiculously small (like, 1.4 ounces), there were only four servings in the box, and the box cost $6.99. […]

I LOVE the flavor of Irish Cream, but I never really cared for the other brands of Irish Cream flavored coffee creamers, be they powder or liquid. Why? you ask — because they didn’t taste like Irish Cream; I had to add a TON of it, just to get some of that amazing flavor, and […]

A while back, I started to experience the symptoms of stomach ulcers, due most likely to years of taking aspirin-based over-the-counter pain medication. There were many things I needed to restrict from my diet to make the intense, gnawing pain of these ulcers subside; coffee and caffeine were among these things. Now, I’m not an […]

Today’s post is both a review and a revision (a, “reviewsion”) of an awesome recipe that I’ve been making for years. My love affair with Maple Nut Crunch began a long time ago while reading the side of a cereal box…Cinnamon Life, to be exact. I thought it sounded like a “Chex Mix” kind of […]

Today’s post is a review of a recipe I came across a few days ago, which I prepared last night for dinner. The name of the recipe is, “Pan Seared Pork Chops with Cider Sauce,” which I found on KitchenDaily. Here’s the link: It’s also worth noting that there’s a video for the preparation, […]