This recipe is a specialty of my Dad’s (Poppy Joe), and it’s been a favorite of mine for years. It’s highly versatile, in that you can make it as an appetizer, a main dish (with nice, crusty bread for dipping and a fresh salad), or even a sub sandwich. The sauce is the secret to […]

It’s that time of year again, Creative Eaters…APPLE SEASON! I used to love caramel apples as a kid, but thanks to extensive dental work, I can’t enjoy them anymore — this caramel dip is a way that I can relive that childhood memory without risking a very expensive trip to the dentist. As an added […]

If you peruse the Internet, you’ll find tons of tips (the same tip, actually, repeated over and over) on how to make your own buttermilk: One cup of milk + one tablespoon of vinegar, stir and let sit for five minutes, then Voila! Instant buttermilk! Quick, easy, painless..I know. BUT (and there’s usually a BUT), […]

Today’s post is both a review and a revision (a, “reviewsion”) of an awesome recipe that I’ve been making for years. My love affair with Maple Nut Crunch began a long time ago while reading the side of a cereal box…Cinnamon Life, to be exact. I thought it sounded like a “Chex Mix” kind of […]

To me, the problem with most vegetable dip mixes is that they contain actual vegetables; I find this redundant – you’re going to eat the dip with fresh vegetables, right? So, why would you want DEHYDRATED vegetables in your dip if you’re going to eat FRESH vegetables with it? It would be different if the […]

Vanilla extract — the one kitchen essential that none of us should EVER be without; you can’t swing a kitchen towel without hitting a dessert recipe that calls for it, and rightfully so – real vanilla extract is an amazing ingredient! Given the price of vanilla extract in the store, I’d always thought that it […]