Okay, I admit it – I’m partial to fall and winter. But I nonetheless love living in a state where all four seasons are evident, and since summertime is an eventuality, I’ve learned to love certain things about summer while not particularly liking summer itself. For instance, I love thunderstorms and the way the air […]

Since the kids are out of school and Summer’s officially begun, I made eight different flavors of syrup and dusted off the shaved ice maker * inserting gratuitous product plug in the hopes that someone might buy their own through my link: Hawaiian Shaved Ice Machine * FYI, I make my own simple syrup and […]

I’ve been using this copy-cat recipe for years; you’ll not find anything as close to the original as this one. I first found it on Top Secret Recipes, but now it’s all over the Internet. For the purposes of this post, however, I’ll use a link to his recipe, because I’m pretty sure it originated […]

Ah…shrimp! It’s one of my favorite crustaceans (to eat). My very first paid job was working in a deli that was famous for its amazing shrimp salad. Although I also worked the register, much of my time there was spent in the deli peeling it raw so we could boil it in Old Bay seasoning […]

Whenever we eat out for dinner and I get a side-dish with my entree, I always order the baked potato (love ‘em!). The last time was just a few weeks ago, and it got me thinking: Why don’t I make these at home? I mean, it’s not rocket science to bake a potato; all you […]

This recipe is literally all over the Internet, and understandably so – it’s easy; it uses minimal ingredients and it’s oh, so tasty! The only drawback is that it’s somewhat time consuming, so you won’t want to make it every day. However, I think you’ll ultimately decide that it’s worth the extra time and effort […]

This sauce compliments a lot of finger food (like chicken tenders), and it’s super easy to make. Even if you’re like me (and could take or leave mustard in all of its forms), you’ll love this sauce! All you need is: 1 cup of mayonnaise ½ cup of Dijon mustard ¼ cup of honey (preferably […]

This one’s a copy-cat recipe that I found on a recipe forum. Here’s the link if you want to take a look-see: Recipe Secrets Forum. The recipe in question is toward the bottom of the page, but to make things easy for my faithful readers, I’ll post it here: T.G.I. Friday’s Original Jack Daniel’s Sauce […]

Being a Marylander, I’ve often wondered if a love of all things BLUE CRAB is somehow coded into my DNA. My husband’s from Ohio, and he can take it or leave it, but everyone else I know who was born in Maryland LOVES blue crabs. If you’re a Marylander like me and you love blue […]

In addition to being a vanilla snob, I’m also a “ground beef snob.” Why are you a ground beef snob? you ask? Well, I’ll tell you why: Because I can’t stand gristle and bone fragments. It used to be that you could buy 93% lean ground beef and be virtually assured that, in addition to […]