Whenever we eat out for dinner and I get a side-dish with my entree, I always order the baked potato (love ‘em!). The last time was just a few weeks ago, and it got me thinking: Why don’t I make these at home? I mean, it’s not rocket science to bake a potato; all you […]

A while back, I started to experience the symptoms of stomach ulcers, due most likely to years of taking aspirin-based over-the-counter pain medication. There were many things I needed to restrict from my diet to make the intense, gnawing pain of these ulcers subside; coffee and caffeine were among these things. Now, I’m not an […]

Ah…the flavor, the color, the scent of cinnamon! Apple pie or snicker-doodles baking in the oven makes your house smell like…well, home…thanks to cinnamon. So, given that Christmas is just around the corner, I’ve decided to dedicate my very first informational post to cinnamon, the ultimate comfort spice. Not only is cinnamon an invaluable staple […]

Vanilla extract — the one kitchen essential that none of us should EVER be without; you can’t swing a kitchen towel without hitting a dessert recipe that calls for it, and rightfully so – real vanilla extract is an amazing ingredient! Given the price of vanilla extract in the store, I’d always thought that it […]